Planned C-Section – A Behind The Scenes

A controversial topic is elective C-sections, even today 2 years on I still feel the need to defend my choice to have an elective C-Section. I knew even before I was pregnant that I would be having a C-Section, it was a choice from when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I learned of the extent of the scarring I decided this was the right choice for me, and my baby.

Pregnancy was really hard, after 37 weeks of consistent morning sickness, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, indigestion, and insomnia I was scheduled for a C Section. The lead up to this day had been rocky, daily testing because of my preeclampsia had left me feeling like I had no control over anything and that had left me feeling even more stressed about the morning of the C-Section.

We left our house for the last time as just a couple at 6am in the morning, we were both pretty quiet in the car feeling overwhelmed by what the day held, today we would finally become parents. As normal we arrived far too early for our scheduled sign in time but as we arrived at the maternity ward we were met with warm knowing smiles. Our midwife took us to the hospital room and gave us some time to unpack and get ourselves comfortable. The hospital room was lovely, and spacious which I was glad as I would be in there for the next 4 nights.

At 7.30am our midwife came back and started the paperwork, every piece of paper I had to confirm my name, date of birth, and why I was here today. It really started to settle in that I was about to have major surgery, I was starting to feel very emotional about it and had a little cry.

Finally about 8am I was wheeled down for surgery, if I’m honest when I was wheeled into the theatre all I could think was it felt more like a morgue than a high tech operating theatre. There was a big team of people all moving around quickly and with clear direction and I only had a couple of familiar faces in the room but I was just so happy to see them. I was transferred to a new bed and then the preparation started.

I looked towards Brad seeking some comfort but was met with a white face not just after they inserted the giant needle in my arm. Oh no, he doesn’t deal well with blood and tells me – “I don’t know if I can do this” he was about to faint! All I could think was “bastard I’m going to have to do this by myself because I don’t even have time to call in my dad!” Luckily the nurses got him some water and sat him in the corner and he pulled himself together to come sit with me.

Within about 10 mins of the surgery starting my doctor says to me “are you ready to be a mum” and just like that I hear a screech and this little body held over the curtain.

I’m a mum, mummy, a mother.

It took me a moment to look and see, were they a boy or a girl? For 37 weeks I had no idea who was in my tummy, who I was talking to each day, and who’s bum was rubbing through my tummy when they got the hiccups each night.

It was our son, Toby John and just so I knew he was a boy he peed on me!

I was told often you’ll fall more in love with your partner watching them become a parent. They were right,  when I looked over at Brad and saw the tears in his eyes. We did it. After all the heartache, we managed to make this dream come true and our little boy was here.

It wasn’t long before I was wheeled back to our room holding our beautiful little boy. He was beyond anything I could have dreamed of. It was quite a strange feeling though because I was still connected to the catheter and other cords. I couldn’t really move too much yet so I was just laying there holding our son, staring at him with absolute wonder.

Later that afternoon the nurse came in to ask if I was ready to get up, they needed me to be able to stand soon. I don’t know how much medication I was still on but while I was wobbly on my feet I felt no pain. I could move slowly and they were able to take out the catheter so I could use the bathroom. It’s pretty amazing that a woman has major surgery and is wandering around taking care of a baby that same afternoon.

Over the next few days, we were in hospital soaking up our newborn bubble and learning to be parents, I had a lot of problems with breastfeeding but that is for another story. Recovery from my C-section was relatively pain free, within a couple of days from being home I was off all medication and was cleared to drive after a couple of weeks.

Its now been almost 2 years since my C-Section and while I do have a little sensitivity near my scar still I can say having having a planned C-Section was the best decision for myself and my baby.


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