Keep Your Leads Hot, Hot, HOT!

When a prospective new client or customer opts-in to be part of your mailing list, hark! You are now on hallowed ground.

These days, an inbox is a privileged space. And, as over 90% of us check our emails at least once per day, it’s also the golden halls of communication between a buyer and a seller.

Once you acquire a fresh subscriber it’s time to really make them feel as if they’re in the exact right spot. Take things up a notch with your email marketing and keep your Leads Hot, Hot, HOT!

Here are 5 tips to nurturing that rare privilege of a hot lead:

Be Thankful

Your email system should be automated to immediately send an email thanking the newbie to your list for being there.

What really makes people feel like you value them is something worthwhile that you’ve created that you’re going to give them for free.

Let them know what will happen next, because you appreciate them being there and want them to feel at home. So, send them more information about who you are, how you work and what you do. Wax lyrical about what will happen next during their connection with you; how often will you email them? What content will you give them? Why should they stay on your list? Why should they love you?

What you’re doing in this step is deepening the relationship from new sign-up to connections and advocates for your business.

Be Valuable

Your next step is to consistently deliver great content that will help them in their business. Link to the most recent blog article you’ve written, send them your new podcast or webinar link. Include testimonials, and imagery from the clients you’re currently working with.

Prove that your emails are worth that spot in their inbox and that when the time come for them to start looking for someone who does what you do, they have to look no further than you.

Be Curious

Take the time to discover what the new subscriber on your list is looking for. What do they need in their business or lives? Get feedback about their difficulties, what they love and what they’re missing. They will let you know when you’re giving them content they love, as they will start to respond. Use email as well as social media to find out about them.

Be Generous

If you gauge that new subscribers have shown an interest in your product or service (even checking the click-through rate on your email will help you ascertain this) give them a further incentive. Add an email subscriber’s only discount, make it clear exactly how you’re going to help them and what benefit they will get from it.

The more specific you are, the more believable your claims, and the more your new subscriber will feel they’re making the best choice in becoming your new customer.

Be Thankful

Yes, I’ve said this already, but you really do need to treat that email list like gold, regardless of how small or how large it is. It shouldn’t matter if you have a hundred or a hundred thousand subscribers – each person in your list has purposefully opted in and invited you to grow a relationship with them. They’re interested in what you have to say and the story you will tell.

Treat your list like the precious thing that it is, because we know that the folk on your list are much more likely to actually hire you than the people reading your posts on social media.

Ensure that virtual handshake you offer is solid and friendly, because it could be the beginning of a long and valuable relationship.


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