Is It Time To Ditch Your Backup Plan?

Remember when you were six and your Mum told you it was great you wanted to be a Rocker for Barbie and the Rockers? You should absolutely aim for that, but it would be good to have a backup plan?

Remember when you were in High School and your Dad agreed that you could audition for the Conservatorium, but just in case you don’t make the cut, you should have a backup plan?

Remember when you finished University, or your Diploma, or sent your baby off to school and thought “What now?” and considered taking on the world? Then, you had a flush of sensible and told yourself “Maybe I should have a back up plan?”

Remember when you finally branched out into the business you’ve always been dreaming of? Only it was less than a branch, it was more like a twig. Because you’ve still got one foot in the ‘employee’ camp and the rest of you is leaning ever so eagerly towards full scale, business ownership. Remember yearning year after year to quit your day job and immerse yourself fully in your dream? Only you didn’t, because, well, you’d better have a backup plan.

If you’re a CEO in the making, if you know what you want to achieve and have a pretty good idea of how you’re going to get there. If you’re on your way to success but the hours spent at your day job get in the way of growth. If you spend most of your day secretly flicking across to your website and making tweaks, or writing your own blog posts, or standing looking at yourself in the toilet mirror giving yourself a good talking to for being a chicken.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to ditch the backup plan.

Look, Mum probably had her heart in the right place when she suggested Barbie and the Rockers might not be an attainable goal. But there’s no reason now to keep taking her advice. Here’s how to make sure Mum doesn’t say “I told you so” at next year’s Christmas Party.

Take Stock.

Take a long, hard look at your business model.

Is it sustainable? What are you missing? What do you need help with? Are you qualified to ascertain if it’s doable?

If you’re in any doubt, get help from a professional.

Case Study: One of my clients is a content writer who was looking to move away from her day job and write full time. She had grown her business to the point where her day job meant that she was literally knocking back clients because she couldn’t fit anymore in during her ‘spare’ time. She needed an exit strategy that involved financial security and a solid plan. I sat with her and went through her expenses, her earning capacity, her billable hours. We took into account time spent working on her own business, marketing, admin and her ideal day. I created a bridging strategy for her that she negotiated through less working hours and more time at home to write, and gave her an end date where she would be able to quit her day job. With a tangible goal complete with end date and serviceable financial details, she felt in control and enthusiastic about the move.

Need a service like this? Let’s connect.

Get Liquid.

You’re not starting this business without some dosh in your bank account, are you? Get some funds in the bank. Every time you transfer, put ‘BYE BACK UP PLAN’ in the reference to keep you on track. This is your buffer and will keep the transition empowered and not emotional.

Start Daydreaming.

If you haven’t read my day dreaming/visioning blog, do that today. It will help you come up with plans to make your dreams happen quicker. You can find it here.

Admit It.

You want it. It’s OK to say you do. Start using it in your conversation: “I’m doing this”, even if it’s only safe to say it to yourself.

You’re scared. OF COURSE you are! It would be dangerous if you weren’t. But remember, all great things happen after a big transition, and evolution is often powered by courage.

You’re good.

You know you’re capable of more. You’re constantly giving away your skills for a paycheck that is way under what an hour of your time is worth. You have gifts that are squandered in your day job.

Do it.

Make a plan. Make a first draft of your resignation letter. Read it out loud.

How good does that feel?

Have you ticked off all the ‘to do’s’ in this list? Then, go on and give the boss that resignation letter today.

Bye bye, back up plan.

Hello, Rockers.


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I’m Lauren, mumma, blogger, recovering perfectionist and reformed business hustler, sushi aficionado and faux farmer, decaf coffee lover, Endo thriver, hope-holder, Educator, home reno buff who refuses to do business not in jeans and makes a mean ‘picky plate’ while walking the fine line between hard-ass and soft-touch – (un)gracefully.

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