Email Marketing That Converts

I was recently introduced to a new client that was having issues moving from a 100% retail-based business to having a higher online presence.

They have been in business for over 20 years and ‘knew what their clients wanted.’  When I asked ‘ Why is your business failing then?’ I didn’t know if I was about to be kicked out of the door or have to comfort a crying client.

I have been consulting in business for over 8 years under my name and over 10 years with other companies. What I have learnt is that the number 1 reason for failure is not being open to moving, growing and developing with the market. Just as we grow and change so do our clients. To keep up to date with how we can assist and serve our clients we must be constantly learning what they need to enable us to give valuable content.

The client chose to listen and we implemented a smart email marketing campaign. Within 14 days sales increased by 15%, within 1 month enquires were up 55% and conversions were 27.5% higher than normal. Why? We developed an incredible email marketing campaign that saw leads that were being generated were actually wanting the products my client sold. People that were just interested in the freebie were cleaned early on in the campaign process.

Are you ready to start creating a smart email marketing campaign?  Use these 3 steps to start designing your campaign this week:

Learn who are your potential customers and clients:

To enable you to get the best return on investment with your marketing dollar you need to understand who your ideal clients/customers are. This enables you to put yourself in front of them with fabulous regular content. They will then sign up to your email list and receive your valuable content.

There is no point putting your business in front of people that aren’t interested in the content you are producing and selling.

Start by simply asking your current social media followers what do they need, what are their problems and what do they desire in business and life?

Use technology to give the best customer user experience:

I’ll share my secret for high conversions.

We use intelligence to know who is interested in each campaign we send. An email marketing campaign should not end once you have delivered your initial product or opt-in. Use your marketing system to learn what is interesting your potential client, learn from this and offer more.

Now I don’t mean spam. That is just the quickest way to lose potential clients. However, your marketing systems are able to send different option depending on what you potential clients actions are taken. Pretty amazing right?

Email marketing isn’t about selling:

Don’t pass out! I know this probably goes against what you are thinking.

Creating smart email marketing campaigns is about GIVING what your clients want. If you are just constantly sending them offers, then there is a high chance they will unsubscribe from your list.

As a service-based business, our main saleable asset is our knowledge. We don’t want to be giving away everything. However by coming from a place of service and wanting to assist we can then show our clients what we have to offer AND most importantly how we are able to help them. If you are sending constant content that is valuable people will continue to read you emails and when they are ready to buy you will be the first person in their mind.

Now it’s your turn. This week take action on creating an email marketing campaign that adds value to your clients, teaches them how to achieve and enables you to show what you have to offer in an authentic and service giving manner.


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