How To Save Your Sanity In Business

Do you have boundaries in your business? Are they the white space between you and your sanity? I used to think that if I did the right thing by others, they would do the same by me.Oh boy, I was wrong…

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Are You Too Expensive?

I’m aware I sit in the middle to high price range for my business services. That’s OK with me – I know I am valuable and I have the business balls to back up my pricing.

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Hey there

I’m Lauren, mumma, blogger, recovering perfectionist and reformed business hustler, sushi aficionado and faux farmer, decaf coffee lover, Endo thriver, hope-holder, Educator, home reno buff who refuses to do business not in jeans and makes a mean ‘picky plate’ while walking the fine line between hard-ass and soft-touch – (un)gracefully.