8 Car Cleaning Supplies You Need To Keep Your Car Clean

Before TJ came along, my car maintenance routine was pretty diligent—I’d clear it out at least once a week, especially with two furry dogs in tow. But once parenthood hit, my car transformed into a mobile command center, brimming with strollers, bikes, snacks, entertainment, emergency supplies, and the occasional hidden chicken nugget or two.

After 18 months of deliberation and decision-making (seriously, does anyone else find decision-making harder after having a baby?), we finally bit the bullet and ordered a new car. Mine was showing signs of wear and tear, so it was time for an upgrade. But with a new car comes a renewed commitment to organisation, and a return to my former “clean car girl” aesthetic. So, I’ve been experimenting with some new tools in my current car to ensure that the new one stays showroom-ready. 

Car Putty – Dust and debris are a constant battle, especially with our rural driveway kicking up dirt. This putty is a game-changer for reaching those tricky spots, like the leather around the gear stick.

Screen Cleaner – Fingerprints on the sound system screen drive me nuts, especially when they obscure the display in sunlight. This cleaner, complete with a cloth attached to the bottle, offers a quick fix while waiting for my morning coffee.

Cordless Vacuum – This vacuum has been a lifesaver for tackling the endless snack crumbs that TJ leaves in his wake. Conveniently stored in my car door, it’s perfect for a quick tidy-up every couple of days.

Car Wipes – Our car’s interior can become a dust magnet, but these wipes not only clean but also nourish the leather surfaces. A weekly wipe-down keeps the dash and center console sparkling, making the whole car feel fresher.

Bin – Swapping out my flimsy nappy bag for a sturdier bin was a simple yet effective upgrade. No more worrying about bag blowouts and fruit bar wrappers littering the car!

Bags for Organisation – Whether it’s a first aid kit, “mum glam” essentials, snacks, or tools, having designated bags keeps everything within easy reach. Because let’s face it, someone always needs a snack as soon as you hit the highway! 

Diffuser – Creating the ultimate “mum car” means having all the essentials close at hand. These diffusers not only keep the car smelling fresh but also add a touch of zen to those chaotic car rides.

From combating dust with car putty to banishing fingerprints with screen cleaner, each item plays a crucial role in maintaining my car’s immaculate appearance and functionality. And while the journey to parenthood may be filled with challenges and uncertainties, having a well-equipped and organised car brings a sense of control and peace of mind.

As I prepare for delivery of the new mum car, I’m reminded that even the smallest details can make a significant difference in enhancing our family’s comfort and safety on the road.


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