10 Ideas To Write In Your Newsletter

Quit the newsletter writing panic.

It’s Monday morning and writing your newsletter is at the top of the agenda for the day. You sit down, open up your Google Doc and then…

Nothing. What are you going to write? Continued communication with your list is important but you’re coming up blank.

Statistics show that email marketing, while it has the highest ROI on each dollar spent, is also a long term marketing strategy. People on your list might be there for 12 months before they are ready to buy from you., Most customers need to go through a process of getting to like, know and trust you before they are ready to hand over their money.

And part of that is process is about ongoing communication with you.

So, what can you share in your newsletter to build your relationship with your subscriber?

Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

Blog posts: Share your latest blog post! Yes! Pre-written content. You can either use the blog as the copy for your newsletter or as added learning with your newsletter being your lead-in.

Exclusive List only content: Make your subscribers feel special. Having list only content eg Business Tips, Sales, Behind the Scenes content allows people to feel a little more special and help you build a relationship in the process.

Tag Driven: Want to know what your subscribers want from you? Create Tag Driven content which allows you to segment your list and target information to the people that want to hear about those particular topics.

Launch: If you have a new product, services, or course coming up share it with your list. Don’t ‘whisper launch’ – share it with everyone!. Bonus points if you use tag driven content to segment the list into people that do and don’t want to hear about your launch.

Early Access, Sales, and Promotions: If you have a list share specials, sales, or list only promos to your subscribers to entice people to stay on your list and more importantly try your products and or services. List only specials create excitement for people to open your emails so they don’t miss that special.

FAQs: If you find yourself answering the same question to many people, maybe it’s time to clarify and to get the question answer for many is your email list. You might be surprised how many people have the same question and this question could be the thing stopping people from working with you! Answer it in your newsletter and don’t forget to add a call to action so people can continue the conversion outside your inbox.

Giveaway & Competitions: The joy from winning prizes doesn’t stop just because we become adults, actually some of us might become more competitive as we get older! Leverage your list for social marketing, share prizes and giveaways and get people on your list sharing to their social profiles. Just make sure you stay inside the social media platforms guidelines, I don’t want your account getting shut down.

Go Live: You might not think it but your subscribers want to hear from you and go live on social media platforms allows people to really here you. Schedule a FB Live and then share on your newsletter that you are going live. This means people will be there and potentially share it via social media for you.

Webinars: Webinars are great for list building but with all the preparation you need to actually get people to show up. Invite people by your email list to join in as well as publicly marketing the webinar for list growing purposes. Bonus point for using tag driven content to learn and record what your subscribers are and aren’t interested in.

New Freebies: We all love something for free, don’t we? If you are creating new lead magnets for new subscribers the make sure you share it with your current subscribers so they aren’t missing out on all the great stuff you create. I am going to say this again; you get bonus points for adding in tag driven content so you can continue to segment your lists into specific targeted markets.

There you have it! 10 ideas to get you writing regular newsletters and sharing all the wonderful things you are doing in your business. I would love to hear in the comments below, what is the first strategy you are going to use in your next newsletter?


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