You’re so ready to live a little more.

I’m so here for that.

I’m Lauren, recovering perfectionist and reformed business hustler, sushi aficionado and faux farmer, decaf coffee lover, Endo thriver, hope-holder, Educator, home reno buff who refuses to do business not in jeans and makes a mean ‘picky plate’ while walking the fine line between hard-ass and soft-touch – (un)gracefully.

Also, I believe in sharing. I don’t have any need to keep all the good secrets to myself, so here you’ll find unfiltered stories and inspiration about business, life, and all the mess that happens in between.

Meet Lauren

Work A Little Less.

Live A Little More.

That sounds like every other Pinspiration website you’ve ever visited, so let me tell you what it means to me. It means helping you find the path that suits you so you can get to the place you’re healthy, wealthy, and satisfied with an imperfect, happy life.
And I’m not waiting.
No, we’re pulling on our boots and starting today.

Where to next?

Because life wasn’t meant to be bogged down in only business, here you can pick and choose what you want to learn about first – or just go shopping!

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